Briers North

Why Join?

Consider what it takes for Briers North to thrive, appreciate in value, and be a great place to live.

What you can do for your community:

  •     Make one dues payment per year.
  •     Contribute some of your time in the same way that others do for you, as described below. Volunteerism keeps our dues low!

What others do for you:

Dues and volunteer time accomplish a lot on your behalf:

  • Maintain accounts for utilities.
  • Pay bills for water, electricity, grass/ shrub maintenance, flowers, and chemical treatment.
  • Mow grass & blow lawn weekly.
  • Trim shrubs and hedges as needed.
  • Plant flowers in the spring and fall, and lay pine straw and mulch as needed..
  • Weed and tidy flower beds throughout the year.
  • Fertilize grass and treat weeds 6 times per year.
  • Remove trees when they start to fail or get too big.
  • Make ongoing repairs to drippers, pop-up spray heads, irrigation valves, valve boxes and plumbing. 
  • Complete ad-hoc projects, some small and some large, to address needs or opportunities. The largest project we have tackled to-date was the major upgrade to the entrance in 2014, which successfully rolled out a fund-raiser, new signs, new lighting, irrigation and electrical upgrades, and major fence repairs and repainting.
  • Every fall, turn off the water and open drain valves.  Every spring turn it on again and test for freeze damage. Reprogram the timers to synchronize with watering restrictions and changing landscaping.
  • Run a spring campaign to collect dues. Organize flyers, e-mails, door-to-door visits, telephone calls, invoices, payment logs, and make deposits needed to replenish the coffers.
  • Maintain a checking account for the Briers North Landscape Fund and a PayPal account to facilitate convenient on-line payments.
  •  Maintain the Briers North website, member directory, and member support platform.

Fun social activities:

These activities are self-supporting, independently organized, and are not funded by your dues. Your neighbors do the following, and more, to create great opportunities for enjoyment right on your doorstep:

  •  Organize a most enjoyable block party in late summer or early fall.  Procure and arrange many items, including food, tables, chairs, grills, and games. Establish the schedule, promote the party, and facilitate registrations and payments.
  •  Support a Halloween evening that is simply amazing, and only because of the time invested to complement your incredible yard decorations with a traffic-free street and volunteer teams to look out for lost children or other problems.  Arrange police assistance, informational signs, temporary fencing, lighting, volunteer teams, and many other elements that make it enjoyable.
  •  Coordinate a very entertaining Progressive Dinner that starts with appetizers in one home, splits to several homes for the entree, and recombines in one final home for dessert!
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