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Briers North enjoys an informal but very active association of homeowners that primarily cares for the subdivision entrance. Dues are currently $85 per year and occasionally higher during years in which we undertake one-time projects, like the installation of new neighborhood signs in 2014. Annual payment by each homeowner is a practical necessity in maintaining our subdivision and the only fair way to get the job done. Please do your part and contribute your dues promptly.

Dues are collected before March 1st each year through a convenient online payment system available on this website. Homeowners who are currently paid-up are listed below. We have 58 homes in Briers North; 47 owners paid dues in 2016, 49 owners paid dues in 2015, 48 paid in 2014, and 49 paid in 2013. Thank you!

If you are a NEW resident, or an established resident who has never had an account with please create a new account by going to Join Now. If you are already a member and want to renew please go to Pay Dues Now.

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An asterisk indicates support through payment and pledge.

Participating Homes for 2015

There are 58 homes in Briers North; the total count of participation is shown below, to right of the Search box
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